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June 2014Suzanne Randleyes-Heike LamanUKMichael GlickmanIsraelUsing in vitro assays to test the role of the E3 ubiquitin ligase Fbxo7 on proteasome function15 days23rd November 20147th December 2014
June 2014Sandra Muñoz-BracerasyesyesRicardo EscalanteSpainAndreas HermannGermanyEvaluation of the role for autophagy in choreoacantocytosis using patient-derived stem cells90 days31st January 201530th April 2015
June 2014Sofía Celeste Lobato Gilyes-Manuel S. RodríguezSpainDimitris XirodimasFranceIdentification of targets and modification sites for NEDD8 by mass spectrometry analysis109 days15th July 201431st October 2014
June 2014Fabienne Ailletyes-Manuel S. Rodrí­guezSpainRune MatthiesenPortugalIdentification of biomarkers and drug targets by a TUBEs-LC-MS (Q-Exactive) approach: role of ubiquitination in cell
progression through mitosis
9 days4th October 201412th October 2014
June 2014Elisa Lazzariyes-Germana MeroniItalyRonald HayUKSetting up HTS assays for specific TRIM-E2 ubiquitination activities24 days14th January 20156th February 2015
June 2014Laura Katharina Herzogyes-Nico DantumaSwedenAnne SimonsenNorwayStudying the role of the deubiquitylation enzyme ataxin-3 in autophagy26 days1st September 201426th September 2014
June 2014Lucia Pironeyes-Rosa BarrioSpainAlfred VertegaalNetherlandsAnalysis of the interaction of SALL proteins with the SUMOylation machinery by PLA12 days29th September 201410th October 2014
December 2014Nikoletta Papaevgeniouyes-Niki ChondrogianniGreeceCarina Holmberg-StillFinlandIn vivo study of proteasome activity after treatment with potential proteasome activating compounds34 days7th March 20159th April 2015
December 2014Anja Brehmyes-Elke KrugerGermanyHuib OvaaNetherlandsEstablishing a cell based diagnostic readout system for PRAAS and characterization of therapeutics13 days6th April 201514th April 2015
December 2014Sofía Lobato Gilyes-Manuel RodríguezSpainDimitris XirodimasFranceIdentification of NEDP1-regulated NEDDylated proteins by mass spectrometry analysis71 days9th February 201520th April 2015
January 2015

Carolina Joana Simoes da Silvayes-Ana BusturiaSpainChristos DelidakisGreeceFunction of the ubiquitin binding protein dRYBP in Drosophila neurogenesis79 days4th February 201523rd April 2015
January 2015Lucia Pironeyes-Rosa BarrioSpainAlfred VertegaalNetherlandsAnalysis of the interaction of SALL proteins with the SUMOylation machinery by Proximity Ligation Assay37 days23rd February 201531st March 2015
January 2015
Aysegul Sapmazyes-Huib OvaaNetherlandsBenedikt KesslerUkDefining Substrates for the Deubiquitylating Enzyme USP32 via Ubiquitome Analysis11 days29th March 20158th April 2015
January 2015
Vanessa Welkyes-Silke MeinersGermanyOlivier CouxFranceRegulation of the proteasomal activator PA28 upon proteasome inhibition12 days9th February 201520th February 2015
January 2015
Augustin-Catalin Motyes (PhD in 2012)-(in the process of becoming an independent researcher)RomaniaNico DissmeyerGermanyEnzymatic characterization of the E3 Ubiquitin ligase PROTEOLYSIS1 (PRT1) – a key component of the plant N-end rule pathway14 days9th February 201522nd February 2015
January 2015Ana Carvalhono (PhD in 2004, 1 maternity leave)yesRune MatthiesenPortugalUlrich Auf dem KellerSwitzerlandExplore iTRAQ-TAILS technology for biomarker discovery in broncheoalveolar lavage for lung cancer diagnosis17 days6th of April 201520th April 2015
January 2015Francesca Silvestriyes-Giovanna SerinoItalyMaria LoisSpainImpact of the COP9 signalosome on SUMO levels during early Arabidopsis development29 days23rd March 201520th April 2015
January 2015Teresa Rodriguesyes-Henrique GiráoPortugalMichael ClagueUkDUB imposes the rythm of cell communication42 days22nd February 20155th April 2015
Sept. 2015Mara EspositoYes -Gustavo J. GutierrezBelgium Catherine LindonUK Analysis of a novel factor regulating Aurora B stability during the cell cycle in human cells28 days25th January 2016

21st February 2016
Sept. 2015Gerbrand van der HedenYes -Huib OvaaNetherlands David KomanderUK Capturing a deubiquitinating protease in action5 days29th February 2016

4th March 2016
Sept. 2015Lucia SedlackovaYes yesViktor KorolchukUK Arkaitz Carracedo Spain The effect of autophagy modulation, and p62 function, on levels of PML in cultured cells31 days17th February 201618th March 2016
Sept. 2015Eileen SchormannYes -Elke KrugerGermany Huib OvaaNetherlands Profiling proteasome activity in organotypic brain slices to study proteasome networks in AD29 days1st February 2016
29th February 2016
Sept. 2015Raik WagnerYes -Christiane FunkSwedenPierre GoloubinoffSwitzerlandChaperone activity of the Deg proteases from Synechocystis sp. PCC 680354 days4th January 2016
26th February 2016
Sept. 2015Konstantina KalodimouYes -Christos DelidakisGreece Rosa Barrio Spain Exploring the Ubiquitylation Landscape of Delta Using Mass Spectrometry90 days 15th January
13th April 2016
Sept. 2015Sigurdur Runar GudmundssonYes -Eeva-Liisa Eskelinen FinlandNicholas T KtistakisUK Dissecting the mammalian phagophore assembly site 29 days24th January 201621st February 2016
Sept. 2015Soham GuptaYes -Maria MasucciSweden Harald WodrichFrance Role of viral deubiquitinating enzymes in determining DNA-virus lytic or latent infection14 days15th February 201628th February 2016
Sept. 2015Noémie PiedYes -Harald WodrichFrance Maria MasucciSweden Daxx/ATRX interaction with BNRF1 of EBV15 days17th January 2016 31st January 2016
Sept. 2015Teresa RodriguesYes -Henrique GiráoPortugal Viktor KorolchukUK Age-related deregulation of autophagy activity relies on defects of intercellular communication26 days15th February 201611th March 2016
Sept. 2015Viktor ScheidtYes -Raffael SchaffrathGermany Tiago Outeiro Portugal Dissecting the role of alpha-synuclein phosphorylation in Parkinson`s disease88 days4th January 201631st March 2016
Sept. 2015Aysegul SapmazYes -Huib OvaaNetherlands Benedikt KesslerUK Ubiquitome analysis to discover potential substrates for the deubiquitylating enzyme USP32, validation of results14 days8th February 201621st February 2016
Sept. 2015Augustin Catalin MotYes -Augustin Catalin MotRomania Nico DissmeyerGermany Enzymatic characterization of PRT1 as a key component in plant N-end rule pathway of protein degrada17 days25th February 2016 25th February 2016
Sept. 2016Liang Li Yes -Núria Sánchez CollSpain Nicolas RouhierFrance Biochemical analysis of the redox control of aggregation of the plant metacaspase AtMC190 days 1st January 201731st March 2017
Sept. 2016Elisa Silva-FerradaYes -Henrique Girao Portugal Manuel Rodriguez France Study the interplay of SUMOylation and Autophagy on cardiac stress response26 days 6th March 201731st March 2017
Sept. 2016Giulia MenicucciYes -Giovanna SerinoItaly Luz Irina A. Calderón Villalobos Germany Regulation by drought of the neddylation level of cullin-ring ubiquitin ligases 31 days 1st March 201731st March 2017
Sept. 2016Nur Mehpare KocaturkYes -Petek BallarTurkey Jörn DengjelSwitzerland Identification of novel interaction partners of mitophagy related genes by using mass spectrometrybased proteomics approaches88 days 27th February 201731st March 2017
Sept. 2016Ilona KammerlYes Yes Silke MeinersGermany Michal SharonIsrael Regulation of the 20S proteasome by cigarette smoke12 days 16th January 201727th January 2017
Sept. 2016Dimitrios TemplalexisYes -Stamatis RigasGreece Panagiotis MoschouSweeden The role of K+ transporter TRH1 intracellular trafficking and proteolysis on root development40 days 12th February 201723rd March 2017
Sept. 2016Ana RaimundoYes Yes Regina MenezesPortugal Elhadji DioumSwitzerland Human IAPP aggregation in pancreatic beta cells82 days 9th January 201731st March 2017
Sept. 2016Nikoletta PapaevgeniouYes -Niki ChondrogianniGreece Tilman GruneGermany Protein aggregation and degradation mechanisms58 days 24th January 201722nd March 2017
May 2017Maud SorelYes -Emmanuelle GracietIreland Isabelle JupinFranceInvolvement of the N-end rule pathway in plant defense against viruses ?61 days16th October 201715th December 2017
May 2017Fabio TrindadeYes -Rui VitorinoPortugal Homa TajsharghiSwedenCharacterization of the UPS system and of the aggregome in myocardial samples: exploring the aging hypothesis in incomplete myocardial reverse remodeling54 days4th September 2017 27th October 2017
May 2017Aimilia SklirouYes -Ioannis TrougakosGreece Gerasimos SykiotisSwitzerlandComprehensive profiling of Nrf2-dependent and Nrf2-independent proteostatic mechanisms in thyrocytes13 days15th October 201727th October 2017
May 2017Chen LiuYes -Panagiotis MoschouSweden Nico DissmeyerGermanyA Separase-N-end Rule Relay in Plant Development62 days11th September 201711th November 2017
May 2017Krzysztof FlisYes -Teresa ZoladekPoland Regina MenezesPortugalYeast as a screening platform to identify biocompounds with putative therapeutic potential in chorea-acanthocytosis (ChAc)30 days10th February 201811th March 2018
May 2017Raik WagnerYes -Christiane FunkSweden Pitter HuesgenGermanyIdentification of substrates and interaction partners of three Deg proteases of Synechocystis sp. PCC 6803 by TAILS and shotgun proteomics31 days4th February 20186th March 2018
May 2017Nikoletta PapaevgeniouYes -Niki ChondrogianniGreece Elah PickIsraelSignalosome fate in cellular senescence31 days11th February 201813th March 2018
May 2017Steve Catarino Yes -Henrique GiraoPortugal Sascha MartensAustriaA LIR-motif mediated interaction between the gap junction protein Connexin43 and LC315 days25th February 201811th March 2018