Ubiquitin family and Cancer, Toulouse, France, 8th of February 2018

Event Date: 8 February, 2018

The “SYMPOSIUM: Ubiquitin family and Cancer” is organized in the framework of the Marie Curie Innovative Training Network (ITN) “UBICODE” aimed at training the next generation of researchers in the field of ubiquitin and ubiquitin-like proteins. UBICODE will start in January 2018 and it is promoted by several members of PROTEOSTASIS: Manuel Rodriguez (promoter and MC Substitute from France), Rosa Barrio (Chair), Olivier Coux (Vice-Chair), Dimitris Xirodimas (Core Group Member), Huib Ovaa (MC Member from Netherlands), Alfred Vertegaal (MC Member from Netherlands), Ron Hay (MC Member from UK), Ivan Đikić (MC Member from Germany), Andrea Pichler (Working Group Member) and Sylvie Urbé (Working Group Member).

Our understanding of the importance of the ubiquitin family of modifiers in physiology and medicine has evolved tremendously during the past decade, thanks to the exponential accumulation of data demonstrating the paramount role of these proteins in the fine regulation of most physiological and pathological processes. In particular, numerous studies have established that protein modification by ubiquitin or ubiquitin-like proteins such as SUMO, NEDD8 or LC3/GABARAP plays critical roles in cancer. Given these remarkable developments and the practical need for identification of novel targets for anticancer therapy, this symposium will offer a unique possibility for the local scientific community to discuss and get more insight into the new global view that emerges regarding the mechanism regulated by members of the ubiquitin-family and their important roles in human oncological diseases.
Keynote speakers will enrich the discussion by presenting overviews as well as their most recent data concerning the fundamental and clinical roles of the ubiquitin-family in the development of various types of cancer. The program will be completed with selected oral presentations from the audience attending the symposium.

The registration is free of charge but its mandatory since the capacity is limited. Further information available at the present Website: http://ubicode-itn.cnrs.fr/ubiquitin-symposium2018