IUBMB Focused Meeting on Molecular aspects of aging and longevity (Dissemination Meeting)

Event Date: 16 October, 2017 to 19 October, 2017

The present meeting will enhance the visibility of the Action. Dr Olivier Coux, as Vice-Chair of the Action, will present its achievements as well as those of the COST action PROTEOSTASIS to a broad international audience that will thus have first-hand information about the COST Program and its networking activities. This will allow novel scientists to join PROTEOSTASIS, and also to foster discussions about developing a new action in the field of proteolysis. Indeed, during this meeting, a group of scientists will specifically discuss the ideas to connect a high-quality scientific community in Europe and worldwide, and to increase the impact of the research in different sectors (private, policy makers, etc) by launching or joining a project for a new COST action.

Dr Coux will be reimbursed based upon the real number of days he will attend the meeting and disseminate the Action. By the end of the meeting, Dr Coux will elaborate a report on the scientific achievements and networking experiences and how they can benefit BM1307 PROTEOSTASIS. The outputs of the meeting will be the knowledge and technical know-how exchange and the strategic planning of this area of research. Based upon our previous experience, dissemination meetings raise an enormous expectation among participants and more researchers request to join the network or get attracted by COST for their own networking interests.

Website: http://www.iubmb2017aging.org/
Place: Athens, Greece