Frontiers in Cell Biology

Event Date: 11 December, 2016 to 15 December, 2016

We are happy to announce that registration for the 24 th Jerusalem School in Life Sciences is now open. The focus of the school, directed by Nobel Laureate Roger Korenberg, is “Frontiers in Cell Biology”. To ensure an intimate learning environment and effective interactions, the number of participants will be limited. Below is a short description of the aims and program.

“Cell biology lies at the heart of life science. Its objective is to describe the unit of life, the cell, in chemical terms.  From unicellular organisms, such as fungi, to humans, with 100 trillion cells of 200 types, there are activities common to all cells. Key activities include membrane trafficking, chromosomal DNA transactions, and regulation at all levels, from transcription to protein turnover. Coordination of these cellular activities underlies complex functions, as in the nervous system. Aberrations lead to disease, such as cancer.  The 24 th  Jerusalem School in Life Sciences will present the historical basis and current status of research on key cellular activities and their implications for complex functions and disease.

The School will feature lectures from four Nobel Laureates and international leaders in cell biology of no less repute. Participants in the School will become familiar with the state-of- the-art and the challenges for the future.  Many great questions in cell biology remain unanswered, and participants in the School will be directed towards these questions and methods to address them.

This school will also serve a platform for networking between researchers from different disciplines and at all levels, and will pave the way to new research ideas and collaborations. Emphasis will be given to personal interaction among speakers and attendees.”


At: The 24 th Jerusalem School in Life Sciences
Place: The 24 th Jerusalem School in Life Sciences