EMBO Workshop: The regulation of aging and proteostasis

Event Date: 15 February, 2015

Homeostasis is critical for cellular and organismal functionality, survival, and lifespan. Organisms respond to environmental insults by activating transcriptional and post-transcriptional programs, which promote protein homeostasis (proteostasis). Proteostasis is regulated by several transcription factors including the heat shock factors (HSF), and the forkhead (FOXO) factors as well as by the unfolded protein response (UPR) and molecular chaperones, all also govern aging in various organisms. In this EMBO workshop we will cover recent developments in the field and explore the emerging links between stress resistance, proteostasis, the propagation of late-onset conformational diseases and the regulation of aging.

Recent studies show that unlike thought before, stress responses and proteostasis are controlled at the organismal level by inter-tissue communication and that the prions and prion-like proteins migrate from cell to cell and throughout the organism. These insights bring together a cellular basis for protein spreading with cell non-autonomous control of proteostasis. The workshop is designed to bring together leading scientists from both themes aging researchers and investigators who study protein aggregation, to create a framework for discussion, exchange ideas and encourage collaboration.

  • Topics to be covered at the workshop include:
  • The cell-non-autonomous regulation of proteostasis,
  • Inter-cellular propagation of neurodegeneration-linked proteins,
  • Stress resistance mediating transcription factors and gene regulatory networks,
  • Molecular chaperones,
  • Protein folding and degradation in aging and disease
  • Stem and germ cells as modifiers of aging and proteostasis
  • Aging manipulation as a therapeutic opportunity
Website: http://events.embo.org/14-aging-proteostasis/speakers.html
Contact: Thorsten Hoppe
Email: [email protected]
Place: Judean Hills 90835, Jerusalem, Israel