Beatson International Cancer Conference: CONTROL OF CELL POLARITY AND MOVEMENT IN CANCER

Event Date: 5 July, 2015 to 8 July, 2015

The Beatson International Cancer Conference series is designed to be a relaxed and friendly meeting where delegates and invited speakers have a chance to interact on both a scientific and social basis. This conference will highlight recent exciting research into the molecular and cellular events that contribute to loss of epithelial polarity during carcinogenesis, and how cancer cells acquire different types of polarity that enable them to migrate and invade. Moreover, it will focus on the avenues for development of agents to target cells with aberrant polarity and a potential route to treatment of metastatic disease.

Dr Simona Polo as MC Member will present its achievements to a broad international audience (Europe, America, Asia) that will have first-hand information about the COST Program and its networking activities.