Dr. Rosa Barrio, Chair of the Action, disseminates PROTEOSTASIS at the “UBIQUITIN & CELLULAR REGULATION” Meeting in Montana, USA

Dr. Rosa Barrio, Chair of PROTEOSTASIS, attended the “UBIQUITIN & CELLULAR REGULATION” Meeting organized in Montana (USA) between the 12th and the 17th June 2016. This meeting brought together leading international investigators in the field, junior scientists, and those who have recently entered the field of protein ubiquitination. Dr. Barrio delivered a short talk titled “ Studying the role of SUMO during development using biotinylation tools”. Furthermore, she used this opportunity to disseminate the PROTEOSTASIS Action by sharing the objectives of the network, the activities implemented so far and the perspectives for the future. The presentation of Dr. Barrio called the attention of several groups (at European and international level) working in the field of proteostasis. It has been a great opportunity to enhance the impact of the network and expand it outside Europe.

Further information about this meeting is available at the following link: http://faseb.org/src/micro/Site/Ubiq/home.aspx