Dr. Rosa Barrio at Science+ event held in Bilbao (Spain)

Dr. Rosa Barrio , Chair of the PROTEOSTASIS network, disseminated the project in the framework of the Science+ event held in Bilbao (Spain) on the 7th-9th May 2015.

Dr. Barrio presented the different opportunities offered by PROTEOSTASIS in relation to networking, collaboration between academia and industry and mobility of researchers. Considering the audience, mostly PhD students and early postdocs, Dr. Barrio presented the STSM initiatives promoted by PROTEOSTASIS that have involved almost 20 early stage researchers during the first year of the network.

During the talk, Dr. Barrio also explained her experience as Chair of a COST Action and coordinator of a Marie Curie ITN (UPStream project) and how this type of European initiatives support the career development of young scientists.

For further information of the Science+: http://scienceplus.es/programa/