Call for Abstracts First Proteostasis Meeting

The ‘call for abstracts’  for First PROTEOSTASIS Meeting 2014 is open.

Deadline: October 9th, 2014, abstracts received after the above deadline cannot be guaranteed to be accepted.

The COST PROTEOSTASIS Action BM1307 is an European network with members from almost all countries in Europa. Its main objective is to facilitate research and collaborations in the fields of Ubiquitin/Proteasome, Ubiquitin-likes, autophagy and lysosomal systems in health and diseases.

There are 6 working groups:

  • WG1. Protein modification in intracellular proteolysis: mechanisms, roles and regulation.
  • WG2. Intracellular proteolytic systems: mechanisms, structures and regulation.
  • WG3. Regulation of cell signalling.
  • WG4. Protein quality control, misfolding and aggregation.
  • WG5. Regulation of cell proliferation and differentiation.
  • WG6. Molecular bases of diseases, biomarkers, drug targets and biotechnology.