“Ubiquitin & Friends” symposium, Vienna (Austria), 4th May 2018

Event Date: 4 May, 2018

Every year, members of the VBC Ubiquitin club make a great effort to organize the “Ubiquitin & Friends” symposium, which is supported by the campus institutes IMP, IMBA, MFPL and GMI. Leading international scientists in the ubiquitin field will present their latest discoveries and have the chance to intensively interact with students and postdocs in a compact 1-day research meeting. What is truly special about this event, is the combination of outstanding science and a relaxed and collegial atmosphere.

As implied by the name “Ubiquitin & Friends”, the meeting is intended to maintain a personal atmosphere, i.e. a small size. In total, there will be about 50-75 scientists, and thus plenty of time to discuss exciting research with colleagues, friends and authorities; all sharing the same enthusiasm for ubiquitin-like molecules and their role in controlling complex protein machines. This format of concentrating Ub expertise at a small meeting spot – located in one of the best cities in the world – was very well received in previous years.

Further information available at: https://ubiquitin.at

Place: Vienna