Inclusiveness Target Countries (ITC) Conference Grants in the framework of PROTEOSTASIS

nclusiveness Target Countries (ITC) Conference Grants are a new instrument promoted by the COST Programme and aimed at supporting PhD students and ECI researchers from Participating ITC to attend international science and technology related conferences not specifically organised by the COST Action. During the last year of PROTEOSTASIS, our Action has launched an open call to the network members complying with the eligibility conditions to attend relevant conferences. Fours ITC Conference Grants were awarded to Phd students belonging to the network who had the opportunity to attend specialized conferences in their scientific fields. The participants have positively assessed this new instrument and have considered this opportunity of added value for their careers.

The awardees of the ITC Conference Grants provided by PROTEOSTASIS were:

  • Mr Recep Ilhan (Turkey)
  • Ms Marianna Holczer (Hungary)
  • Ms Margita Márton (Hungary)
  • Mr Piotr Soczewka (Poland)