3rd PROTEOSTASIS Workshop: PROTEOSTASIS and its biological implications (Management Committee and Working Groups Meeting)

Event Date: 2 November, 2016 to 5 November, 2016

The present meeting is the most important activity of the PROTEOSTASIS network for the period as it will comprise the MC Meeting and the WGs meeting.
Initiated by Dr Petek Ballar (MC Member of Turkey), the meeting will take place in Portugal.
The meeting covers sessions on different aspects of ubiquitin, ubiquitin-like proteins, autophagy and intracellular proteolysis in order to facilitate the interaction, collaboration and exchange of “know-how” between researchers and students working in this topic. Our aim is organising a meeting focusing on discussions among the scientists of the field to further international scientific collaboration, but as importantly, to expose graduate students to the beauty of basic science and research. Furthermore, invited non-PROTEOSTASIS members will participate as speakers of plenary lectures, providing a wide perspective of the field around the world.

Website: http://cedoc.unl.pt/proteostasis2016/
Email: [email protected]
Place: Faculdade de Ciências Médicas Universidade NOVA de Lisboa