Plant Proteostasis: towards a green based industry (ORGANIZED BY PROTEOSTASIS)

Event Date: 27 September, 2016 to 28 September, 2016
Event Time: All day

The goal of this workshop is to bring together experts in basic and applied plant sciences, and experts in plant industrial uses beyond the food industry, specifically those involved in the conversion of biomass into renewable materials and energy, to identify current challenges and to seek solutions for the transition to a sustainable economy.
This 2-days workshop is divided in 3 sessions (I- Molecular Mechanisms in Plant Proteostasis; II- Research Approaches in Plant Proteostasis, and III- Industrial Uses of Plants) that includes 30- and 45-minute presentations and roundtables for debate. The proposed workshop is an action that meets all the PROTEOSTASIS objectives as follows:

(i) This workshop would be the first one of its kind and it would provide an unequal opportunity to boost research in plant proteostasis by facilitating expertise exchange and the generation of new collaborations. This action would complement previous actions originated from the general PROTEOSTASIS network meeting.

(ii) During this workshop, we will explore the possibilities to translate this knowledge into plants used for the non-food industry, specifically those used as a source of biomass for renewable energy and materials. Biotechnology applications are key for achieving a sustainable agriculture in terms of crop productivity and production of biomass, bioproducts, and bioenergy.

(iii) As we understand that technical advances are essential for tackling novel challenges in plant proteostasis research, the second session of the workshop will be dedicated to Research Approaches in Plant Proteostasis.

(iv) It is expected that this workshop will contribute to consolidate emerging collaborations and create new ones between European groups. Also, discussions during the roundtables held after each session will contribute to generate novel research lines to be developed in collaboration.

Contact: L. Maria Lois
Place: Barcelona, Spain