International Insect Hormone Workshop 2015

Event Date: 12 July, 2015 to 18 July, 2015

This meeting brings together researchers interested in the molecular biology and physiology of insect hormones, including – but not limited to – ecdysteroids, juvenile hormones and insulin. This meeting brings together top scientists from Europe, America and Asia who’s research interest is centered on the regulation of organ growth, behavior and metabolism by hormones. The field has exploded in the recent years, as insects provide an versatile and useful platform to analyze these processes in the context of the whole organism and to explore organ-to-organ communication. This meeting should therefore appeal to developmental biologists, physiologists and cell biologists.

Dr Rosa Barrio as Chair of the Action will present its achievements to a broad international audience (Europe, America, Asia) that will have first-hand information about the COST Program and its networking activities.

Place: Crete, Greece