7th Proteasome and Autophagy Workshop (CO-ORGANIZED BY PROTEOSTASIS)

Event Date: 6 April, 2016 to 8 April, 2016

PROTEOSTASIS organizes this conference, which will cover up-to date knowledge on proteolytic systems (Ubiquitin Proteasome System and Autophagy), their implication in different pathologies and potential therapeutic strategies. This conference is the natural follow-up of a series of well-known and recognized conferences organized in previous years. This year, organization correspond to PROTEOSTASIS through the organizers Didier Attaix (member of WG2) and Daniel Taillandier (member of WG1). The main objectives of the meeting align with PROTEOSTASIS objectives, and are:

  • To bring together researchers in the areas of the ubiquitin-likes, proteasome and autophagy, in order to increase the interchange of knowledge and technological know-how and promote the common interest among these fields.
  • To increase the transfer of knowledge on proteolysis from basic to applied science. – To promote new collaborations between recognized senior researchers and young investigators with interests ranging from the biophysics to the cellular biology of the ubiquitin system and autophagy.
  • The anticipated outcomes will be an increased understanding of the roles that proteolysis plays in normal homeostasis and in disease and to delineate the next steps required to develop therapeutic strategies for patient benefit.

Website: http://www.proteasome2016.com/
Place: Clermont-Ferrand (France)