Rosa Barrio & Arkaitz Carracedo, PROTEOSTASIS Chair and WG6 Leader, took part in a meeting aimed at disseminating scientific careers organized by CIC bioGUNE in Bilbao, 14th June 2017

Rosa Barrio and Arkaitz Carracedo, Chair and WG6 Leader respectively, participated in the meeting organized by CIC bioGUNE (Bilbao) in order to disseminate scientific career opportunities for biomedicine students. The meeting took place in Bilbao on the 14th of June 2017 and counted with the participation of several researchers from academia and industry.  The speakers shared their personal experience and career pathway, besides outlining the different opportunities available in life sciences and biotechnology. More specifically, Rosa Barrio and Arkaitz Carracedo, explained also the importance of initiatives such as the COST Programme in order to promote the career of young researchers and students.  Further information about this event available at: