1st PROTEOSTASIS Workshop (2nd MC Meeting, 1st WG Meeting)

Event Date: 5 November, 2014 to 7 November, 2014

The 1st PROTEOSTASIS MEETING will take place in VALENCIA at the Centro de Investigación Principe Felipe from Wednesday 5 to Friday 7 November 2014.

It will be a first face-to-face 3-days meeting among participants in the COST PROTEOSTASIS NETWORK to integrate research on intracellular proteolysis pathways in health and disease. The main aim of the meeting is to create a “community spirit”, to introduce the Networking Projects and to present the Working Groups.

Website: http://proteostasis-2014.cipf.es/
Contact: Rosa Farràs
Email: [email protected]
At: Centro de Investigación Príncipe Felipe
Place: Valencia, Spain